Thursday, June 30, 2005

On the Beach - Stanley Kramel, dir.

As I watched "On the Beach," I have to admit my most prodominent thought throughout the movie (especially after the first hour) was, "when are they going to die already!" I enjoyed the humor that laced the video but there was alot of let downs. Like Dr. Jones pointed out it was different then Earth Abides and the Omega Man in that there were no survivers. For instance, it seemed a let down that the search for the source of the radio transmissions ended with them being made by a coke bottle and blind.

As I mentioned in class it seemed odd to me that upon the impending extermination of the world that everyone stayed quite composed and life remained as normal. It would seem to me that there should be at least some "craziness" especially towards the end. They displayed some bits of "out of the ordinary" with Julian participating in the race, but no shots of anything "out of order," after the fact. This makes me think of how I'd react in such a situation..... I'm going to say that I would be doing everything I ever wanted (or at least try to) .... Skydiving, shark swimming, base jumping (whatever comes to mind) .... but then again if there's no guides or instructers to show me how to do it.....


Blogger Miriam Jones said...

I think I'd hold off on the skydiving until the radiation was pretty close!

Perhaps people stuck to their routine because they were in denial, like Mary? Or because that was the best way for them to hold it together? Or because of a sense of duty, like many of the military characters? The characters that did drink and party (Moira, Julian) more or less reformed by the end, Moira because of Dwight and Julian because racing became more exciting.

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Blogger Lucy said...

The coke bottle sending a signal was not a let down to me as I felt it was a great symbol. Coke is "the real thing," just like the message the film sends. America is also closely associated with Coke and this bottle tapping out a message that is not being understood could represent the total confusion people feel when hearing about tragedy, war, countries refusing to disarm their nuclear weapons, etc.

Then again it could have just been a great product placement.

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