Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Boy and His Dog. (Short Story)
by Harlan Ellison

After our discussion on Monday I started to think about the signifigance of the dog in the story, in regards to the socialization of the boy. The men/boys that walked the new society were driven in many ways my instinct. Such as the instinct for sex. Also many of the boys had dogs such as Blood. Blood was a source of education, socialization, friendship and in many ways a mentor to Vic. So when I think of the natural instincts of a dog which would include being sexually agressive (and not to mention not too picky) as well as being territorial in many aspects. So if I work on the notion that Blood would act as a normal dog then it would stand to reason that be would pass that attitude and instincts over Vic. When I think of it this way then I can fully understand how the society had evolved to what it had after the war. In fact it actually makes sense.
Maybe this thought was already discussed after the movie Wednesday but unfortunatly Seth has had the flu and Ii havn't been able to get to classes. Have a great weekend everyone.